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Capello 2 year warrantyAs an authorized Capello corn head dealer, we have one of the most dependable corn heads on the market today. Based out of Italy, Capello has been designing chopping corn heads and folding corn heads since 1965. Doing so has allowed them to design a head that is not only very dependable, but also does an excellent job at sizing residue and chopping stalks. Capello heads are available for almost every make and model of combines, and all heads come with a factory 2 year warranty.

Capello 12R 30in on Case IH 8010Capello chopping folding 12r 30in on John Deere 9770 
Sizes and Spacings
Capello heads are available in many different sizes to match the need of different farmers and combines.
  • Sizes are available in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 18 row configurations.
Capello 16 row chopping corn head being set up at the factory
Capello chopping 6 row 30 inch corn head on a JD 9600 series

Capello offers many different row spacings for each size of head as well.
  • Spacings of 30, 36, and 38 inches are available starting with 4 rows up to 16 rows.
  • Narrow row spacings of 20 and 22 inches are available starting with 8 rows up to 18 rows.
Capello Chopping 12 row 20 inch corn head for Case IH combine
Capello Chopping 12 row 22 inch corn head for John Deere combine
Capello Row Unit
Capello chopping corn head row unit-bottom view
Capello chopping corn head row unit-top view
The Capello row unit has many features that make it unique:
  • The Capello deck plates use a beveled and rolled edge design. This greatly reduces kernel loss and ear bounce by picking the ear at its base. It also creates a channel loose kernels will ride up and into the head instead of out on the ground
Capello corn head beveled edge deck plates  
  • Hydraulic deck plates are standard on all models which provides instant adjustment when the operator needs it.
  • Capello idler sprockets are made of 100% shape memory polyurethane. This allows for much longer wear life than with steel sprockets. This also reduces the wear on the gathering chains as well. The sprockets also feature a dual tapered bearing design which results in a maintenance free and very dependable system.
Capello corn head idler sprockets 
  • Knife rolls feature a knife to knife design resulting in more chopping and further break down of stalks and residue.
Capello corn head knife rolls

Chopping Option

Capello Chopping AssemblyCapello chopping head results 
  • All Capello corn heads can either be ordered as a chopping corn head or a non-chopping corn head.

  • Capello chopping assemblies (If Equipped) feature a two blade mower style design. The blades are tungsten-edged for longer life and are reversible. Replacing blades is easy with one bolt removal and the blades slip out.

  • The choppers can be turned on and off individually on each row unit by simply flipping a lever.  With a chopping head the farmer can choose whether a field is chopped or not, and which rows to chop or leave standing.
  • Position of the chopper allows the knife rolls to grasp the stalk BEFORE chopping begins. This allows the knife rolls to feed the stalk into the chopper for evenly sized residue and reduced stalk whip which could result in ear bounce and lost grain.
  • The Capello corn head doesn't require huge amounts of horsepower to run unlike other chopping heads in the industry. Meaning a combine running a Capello chopping head will still have plenty of power to do what it is supposed to and not put a huge strain on combine drive parts.
  • The Capello chopping units are positioned perfectly to cut and evenly distribute residue across the width of the entire cutting area without the windrowing effect found with other brands of chopping corn heads.
Capello leaves smooth cutting across the entire field
Folding Option
Capello folding chopping corn head 12R30 in transport position
Capello also offers a folding option for both chopping and non chopping heads in several different sizes.
  • A folding corn head allows operators to quickly fold the head into transport position from the cab without ever having to leave the seat of the combine. 
  • A farmer can move the entire machine from field to field without having to disconnect and use a head trailer. 
  • A folding corn head saves time, fuel, labor, and extra wear and tear on equipment that would be needed for transport.
Capello folding corn head on Case IH 8010
If you have any questions, or would like a brochure on Capello chopping, folding corn heads, please feel free to contact us anytime or visit Capello's website at:  www.capellousa.com

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